If you are looking for a high quality rental home in the Charlotte, Concord, Harrisburg, Huntersville,Lake Norman and nearby areas you have come to the right place. We have a good variety of homes available for your needs. Property Managers please click the link to the left to learn more about how we can help you manage your real estate assets in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.
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If you are looking for a clean and high quality rental our selection is outstanding. Please click on the lease/rent link to your left to view our homes. Double click the photo for more details on each home.

Lease to Own vs. Rent?
The Lease to Own and Rent to Own market has changed drastically in the past three years. Many of these options have been eliminated by legislation. But there is still a way to rent and then purchase the same home with certain advantages of qualification and financing. We give you up to 2 years to qualify to purchase and will assist you in negotiating rental and purchase situations that suite your credit and income needs when ever possible. Several Mortgage lenders have rental conversion programs that help you go from Renter to Buyer and we will be happy to assist you in learn who offers those programs and how you can qualify.

Don't need to Lease or Lease/Purchase? Buy now while rates and prices are low

We can help you own today too. We have years of experience in getting people qualified to own their own home today. You can BUY LIKE THE INVESTORS BUY! Use our discounts, we don't mind! We sell dozens of homes built by top local builders and they reward our buyers with incentives and bonuses. We also maintain list and access to the areas distressed properties in all conditions. Buy a fix-er-upper with confidence after inspections and professional as is/ and as/repaired evaluations. Or seek out one of the hundreds of distressed homes that are move in ready. So why not buy like the investors do? Call us today to find out how.

History and Facts to Know
Lease to Own: Don't be fooled by crooks and scam artist who offer large monthly rent credits, check with your lender first. Chances are if they tell you that you are getting 25 to 50% of your rent back, they are overcharging you in the first place! We will certainly help you qualify and if rent credits fit your situation we will gladly work them out, but we will only do this if your needs suit this program. Many people loose hundreds or thousands by this trick. The lenders will only allow a rent credit of the amount of "excessive rent" paid monthly. So if you pay 1200 and your neighbor pays 1100 for the same house you could get 100 per month credit. The appraiser determines this at your closing time. We want you and your lender to obtain independant appraisals. While most lease purchase homes are sold at prices reflecting moderate appreciation for the term of the lease, many are overpriced. WE want to be sure you get the house for it's fair market value and that you are afforded the opportunity to determine this value.

We work with 9 builders in 40 plus subdivisions. We are constantly seeking out new areas and homes. The resale homes span the entire Charlotte Market but we will direct you to a specialist in the areas you are most interested in.